Feedback is shared here with clients' consent, and is collected primarily through anonymous questionnaires once counselling has ended.


I came to see Rachael in relation to stress and anxiety which had been getting progressively worse. Rachael helped open my eyes to potential causes and effects of this in a kind, caring and effective way. The effect of Rachael's calm and reassuring manner cannot be overstated. Prior to my sessions with her I had never seen a counsellor before and I was a little unsure it was even appropriate to me. However, I quickly came to value and enjoy speaking with her and would not hesitate to contact her again should I need to.


If I am being honest, Rachael helped me to save my own life. She helped me to find the tools within me that I needed to take control and begin to live my life. I have never felt as strong, self aware and confident as I do now. Most importantly, I know that if things get bad again, I will survive and I will know how to help myself. Rachael is warm, comforting and non judgemental, and I felt genuinely cared for. I'm so thankful for the life she has helped me to find.


Rachael is a very caring, intuitive person. I saw her through a very dark time in my life and she helped teach me the skills I needed to get by on my own. I always felt very comfortable in her presence and would recommend her to someone in need of support.


Rachael allowed me to come to my own conclusions and make my own links. She wouldn't interject or interrupt, but when she did it was to ask an insightful question I hadn't considered before or to surmise something in a helpful way.


I found it very helpful in my healing process to have an adult who I trusted to talk to and who was impartial. Rachael was always very calm and the fact that she remained unshocked no matter what I said made me feel reassured that I was normal!

The cup of tea also helps! Thank you, Rachael for all your help.


Rachael is a very calm and welcoming counsellor and made me feel at ease, as I was very unsure about counselling and if it would help but it definitely helped me and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her.


Rachael is calm and kind and put me at ease straight away. I wasn’t sure how much I could tell her but she helped me with something I hadn’t been able to voice out loud before and I will always be so grateful and thankful to her. Suggestions of changes she made I couldn’t have envisaged doing and at first disagreed with but she was right and over time everything she said has helped me. The fact she doesn’t say TOO much is very relevant too. Thank you, Rachael, I feel back in control of my life now.


Thanks to Rachael's understanding, patience, warmth and empathy, I felt gently guided in a very positive direction. I feel very much that I’ve come out of a difficult time much more able to cope with future turbulence, for which I am extremely grateful.


Rachael is warm, compassionate and made me feel very comfortable from day one. I highly recommend her services, which have helped me overcome my traumas and made me feel very positive.


Rachael is wise, warm and sympathetic. I would recommend her, without hesitation, to anyone considering counselling. She has been enormously helpful to me providing balance and insight when I needed it most.


After only a few sessions Rachael has helped me release 2 years of suffering. I wish I had met her earlier.  I have recommended this wonderful lady to my friends and colleagues without hesitation.


Rachael is a skilled counsellor who shows genuine empathy.  She has the ability to put you quickly at ease while exploring issues sensitively and professionally. I would absolutely recommend Rachael to anyone seeking counselling or guidance.


Rachael is an extremely talented counsellor. Very understanding with a lovely calm voice. Rachael is very professional providing a safe/discreet, calm space.


Rachael is a very calm and welcoming counsellor and made me feel at ease, as I was very unsure about counselling and if it would help but it definitely helped me and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her.


I would give Rachael an absolutely stunning review. Not only did she help with my original problem, we developed a professional relationship in which I felt I could talk about all the issues in my life. Very warm friendly person... I would recommend Rachael to anyone who would like or needed counselling.